Susan Collacott

from Cobble Hill BC

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Susan Collacott

Susan Collacott's art practice is self-directed, evolving in response to life.

For the last 15 years her image making has reflected her passion for the natural world. Her travels to places where 'earth's on going creation' is in evidence and to dinosaur resting places have helped nurture her motivation and imagination to make images expressive, of the present and her concern for nature. The hiking near her home has been especially important. Painting has been her dominant medium however digital images and installation also have a place in her oeuvre.

Collacott's work has been exhibited in Toronto Galleries and in independent art exhibitions over the past forty years.

She taught painting and etching at the AGO, for Artists with their Work and at the Bishop Strachan school in Toronto where she founded the photography program.

In the past two emails, just painting and photography has been represented in four curated shows.

She earned an Honours. BFA at the University of Windsor, MA and MFA at Northern Illinois University.

Collacott's paintings and digital works are in private collections in Canada and Europe.