Familiar faces, familiar art new faces and new art are all in store when you take the free, self-guided Visions Art Studio Tour July 5, 6 and 7 in the Cowichan Valley. Fifteen artists are taking part, ready to greet you to studios alive with images and imagination.


Eileen McGann, painter and musician: 264 Inlet Drive, Mill Bay

Charlotte Haggart, painter and hand-made prints: Guest at Eileen McGann studio, 264 Inlet Drive, Mill Bay

Joan Head, painter in acrylics and oil: 2511 Boompond Rd. in Mill Springs, Mill Bay

Donna Birtwistle, watercolour and pencil artist: 2423 Mill Bay Rd., Mill Bay

Terry Harrison, painter of flowers on glass and clothing: 1213 Royalta Rd., Mill Bay

Carolyn Lucas, photographer: 3109 Cameron-Taggart Rd., Mill Bay

Cori Mearns, painter: 1707 Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd., Shawnigan Lake

Catherine Taron, painter in watercolour and acrylics: 1268 Maple Bay Rd., Duncan.

Catherine Fraser, painter in mixed media: 5412 Gore-Langton Rd., Cowichan Bay

Carolyn McDonald, painter in acrylics and mixed media: 4407 Kingscote Rd., Cowichan Bay

Sue Coleman, painter in watercolours: 5378 Gore-Langton Rd., Cowichan Bay

Neil Fatin, photographic artist: 7833 Atlin Pl., Crofton.

Rosemary Danaher, ceramic artist and jewellery designer, guest at Fatin studio: 7833 Atlin Rd. Crofton

Jocelyn West, painter in mixed media:  #5-1584 Adelaide St., Crofton

Maureen Coles, painter in watercolour and gouache: 1592 Pauline St., Crofton

Member Profiles

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Donna Birtwistle

Wildlife Artist from Mill Bay BC

Sue Coleman

from Duncan BC

Maureen Coles

from Crofton BC

Rosemary Danaher

from Crofton BC

Neil A Fatin

Photographic Art / Fine Art Photography from Crofton BC

Catherine Fraser

from Duncan BC

Brigette Furlonger

from Mill Bay BC

Charlotte Haggart

from Shawnigan Lake BC

Terry Harrison

Painted glass, tiles and clothing from Mill Bay BC

Joan Head

from Mill Bay BC

Roger Jackson

Marine themes and landscapes in oil and acrylic from Mill Bay BC

Caroyln Lucas

Serene nature photography from Mill Bay BC

Carolyn McDonald

painter from Cowichan Bay BC

Eileen McGann

Musician & Visual Artist from Mill Bay BC

Cori Mearns

from Shawnigan Lake BC

Joane Moran - AFCA

from Cobble Hill BC

Catherine Taron

from Maple Bay BC

Jocelyn West

from Crofton BC