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Caroyln Lucas

Serene nature photography from Mill Bay BC
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Caroyln Lucas
Carolyn Lucas – Novice Photographer

Location: Living in the Cowichan Valley for the past six years.

Professional Background: I am a passionate novice photographer who has embraced my love for capturing the natural beauty around me. Though relatively new to the field, my dedication and enthusiasm shine through my work.

Photography Style: I specialize in nature photography, focusing on the serene landscapes, vibrant flora, and diverse wildlife of the Cowichan Valley. My photographs reflect my deep connection with nature and my desire to preserve its beauty.

Passion and Philosophy: Photography is more than a hobby for me; it's my "happy place." I find joy and peace in capturing beautiful moments and strive to convey these experiences to others, particularly those who may not have the opportunity to witness them firsthand. My journey has transformed my perspective from simply taking photos to creating meaningful and evocative photographs.