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Roger Jackson

Marine themes and landscapes in oil and acrylic from Mill Bay BC
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Roger Jackson Fine Art
My painting journey in 1991, taking some continuing ed courses while living and working in Ontario, then a job transfer to Calgary, where I attended some Saturday morning painting lessons by my most influencial guide and mentor, Marija Petricevic, always challenging me. In 1999, at her recommendation, I submitted my application to the Federation of Canadian Artists. I was accepted and have held Active status membership since then.

My training has been a collection of courses, workshops and self-exploration. I paint in oil and acrylic, either plein air or in studio. I love the process of painting and the challenge of a blank canvas, working to capture how I feel about my subject. Painting is not a sprint, it’s a marathon but there is no finish line.

I enjoy conducting workshops and teaching courses, guiding and encouraging, building confidence.

My work has been exhibited or part of private collections in Calgary, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Scotland and England.

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Address676 Bay Rd. - Mill Bay