Lynn Williams

from Duncan BC
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Lynn Williams
Lynn William's studio is nestled in the picturesque surroundings of pastures, trees, and gardens. This is where she gets her inspiration for creating one of a kind pieces. As a new metalsmith artist, she is always seeking out a wide array of classes to further her knowledge and continues to challenge herself along the way.

Lynn works with semi-precious stones and metals. from bold bracelets to delicate filigree pendants. She draws from a wide range of skills and techniques Many of these processes are labour intensive. Such as chasing and repoussé, filigree, Keum boo, fusing and forging, etc.

She seeks out semi-precious stones both locally and worldwide, cutting many of them herself. Her favorite stone, the boulder opal is predominantly seen in her collection.
At Lynn's studio, you will find something for everyone from $20 cuff bracelets to unique show gallery pieces.

You can contact Lynn anytime to come and visit her studio.

Lynn offers classes in:

Viking knit - In this class, you will learn the Viking weave and complete a bracelet that you have crafted your self.

Etching and riveting - You will learn how to etch a brass or copper cuff bracelet and rivet and texture a metal pendant.