Visions Art Tour Statement of Member Obligations

The Visions Art Tour welcomes your interest in the society.

The Visions Art Tour is a registered non-profit society with an elected executive who are local artists like you. Members' input is valued and each member has full voting privileges. Visions follows the bylaws of the Society Act of British Columbia.

Each and every artist is expected to donate his or her time to meet the organizational timeline for the tour. Please see the Visions Policy Manual (available on this website to members). 

With membership, Visions offers their members:

  • Brief description infullcolourtour brochures
  • Listing on the Visions website
  • Public exposure in pre - and post - tour news releases
  • A quantity ofbrochures for distribution
  • Support of fellow artists
  • The opportunity to participate in other Visions events


As a tour participant, the Tour Venue host is also provided with:

  • Loaned direction road signage during the tour
  • Liability insurance during Visions Art Tour events
  • Feature space in the tour brochures.


Member Obligations:

  • Meet all deadlines. Critical dates will be listed on the Visions website at
  • Participate on one of the committees as needed
  • Attend general meetings and your committee meetings to keep informed of Visions' activities
  • Do your share to advertise the tour to your friends, family and general public.
  • Members who perform services for the Visions Art Tour Society do so as volunteers without the expectation of any form of remuneration. Services include but are not limited to fundraising, design, distribution of promotional materials and web site maintenance.


Tour Venue Obligations:
Visions Art Tour Society provides liability insurance during Visions Art Studio Tour events. The venue host is obliged to provide a safe, family-oriented experience for the tour visitors and for their Guest Artists. The guidelines include:

  • Safety of access to the facility
  • Good lighting
  • Taped-down carpets and electrical cords, if applicable
  • Shelf safety
  • Suitable parking
  • No alcohol served during tour hours
  • Be available during tour hours

The Personnel and Applicant Review Committee must visit each studio to ensure that it is safe, accessible and inviting as a venue for the Visions Art Tour Society.


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